2017 Season I & II, 2016 Season III & IV


Artist Statement/ Biography

Jahyun Seo’s work is an attempt to examine a new identity being created by the media from the perspective of various concepts, such as the crossing, dismantling, overlapping, and mixing of the layers of the original and duplicate. It examines the relationship between "seeing and being seen" in a media landscape that indiscriminately monitors us regardless of social levels. Suggesting aesthetically diverse communication structures, Seo considers the rupture and disjointedness caused by technology.


After graduating from the Department of Creative Textile at École Supériere d’art Neufville Conte, Jahyun Seo earned Ph.D. in Art with “A theoretical research on the multilayered two-dimensional structure in Contemporary art” from the Hongik University. She also holds a degree in solid cutting from ESMOD Paris (Modelism) as well as a degree in color from Marseille University. Selected exhibitions include 13 solo exhibitions at the Kunst Stück Gallery in Hamburg, Germany, Sweden Biennale, Swiss Art Fair, Museum at the Seoul Arts Center, SEO gallery, Vit gallery, Giguchon gallery, Woncheon gallery, etc. and various group exhibitions at the Seoul Museum of Art, New York Cast Iron, Cheongju Arts Center, Gana Art Space, etc.

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