2015 Season III


Artist Statement

My work is an exploration of how memory and imagination are activated through spatial experiences, interacting with the architecture or ornamentation of a building.

These spaces will become installations, sculptures or objects that will evoke uncanny sensations, which are commonly associated to familiar surroundings. Having said this, I’m specifically interested in addressing the house.

There are three essential angles that I focus on in order to develop the idea of spatial experiences: psychological and physical states, reality and fiction and domestic and public places.

The first association to spaces I make in my working process is structural, that is, investigating the characteristics that comprise them and their corporeal natural (stability, strength, scale, etc. That said nevertheless, all these properties can be applied to an immaterial level, to structures that are not tangible as well. So the physicality will be a metaphor for talking about the mental configurations that we have built around ourselves and that sometimes start to fall apart.

In terms of reality and fiction, I’m looking for sensory reactions. I will try to represent these two concepts not as a duality but as a harmonious unit, where the unreal is expressed as quotidian and common. I will merge the fiction part with the dream world. Our thoughts and memories are consolidated while we are sleeping, so I strongly believe that dreaming has a key involvement when inventing this fantastical universe of imagination.

The idea of domesticity is the last perspective in my installations. I am intentionally creating private environments in public locations. My goal is to explore this paradox more deeply. Sometimes domesticity is in the subject itself - in an environment - but in more recent projects it is invoked through the materials and homespun crafts I am using.

My intention is to compose alluring physical spaces, which can transport you to mental spaces and let you escape daily routines enabling you to drift in some other realm without distractions. Thence I try to subtract as much information as possible, just leaving subtle gestures to keep the signs open so the viewer can do the rest.

Another feature of the installation will be an amalgamation of the resonance of the space by itself and the sensation it evokes in the viewer. I believe that in order to achieve this the spaces must be alive in themselves. Then, absence needs to be a presence too.