Website:  www.ellencolemanizzo.com

Artist Statement

The Home Project was conceived on the heels of the complex Homeless Memorial series, and is beginning to take form. While the Homeless Memorial uses Washington, DC as the backdrop for advocating for those without a stable home and shouts out, “Homeless is not Nameless”, the Home Project recognizes and celebrates the idea of Home. It is wonderfully inclusive and open ended. When asked to come up with an idea of what Home means or is, participants in the project thus far have evoked a range of sentiment as well as subject. Home could be conjured up in text, as a meal, as a physical structure, as a room, as a chair, as a yard or a stoop, or even a smell. Collagraph plates are created and printed. Participants keep their individual prints, but I keep the plates for further printing. I have been combining plates, meshing all these ideas of Home into larger collaborative prints containing many plates, creating new communities and overlapping social strata.

Artist Biography

I have expanded my studio with the acquisition of an etching press and established PrintSpace, an independent printmaking studio. PrintSpace has had a huge impact on my practice. With the opening of the door, people from all walks of life have come in and felt comfortable exploring the possibilities of printmaking. This has affected my personal work in that emerging projects have an authentic social participation component to them rather than simply a portrayal of my insights into social justice issues. More voices, bigger shout!