2016 Season II


Artist Statement

As a media artist with a background in printmaking, I explore how new technology can cross disciplinary to traditional, mass, and cultural media, to describe new definitions of using space. Carefully considering the history of cultures or places, I analyze and synthesize these situations in order to develop artwork that reconsiders new identities in the globalization era, by engaging a diversity of perceptions, uncovering social meaning as it affects our day-to-day lives.

I consider my artwork, not only in terms of subject and media, but also in terms of function. I am particularly interested in intergenerational communication, and recognize myself as part—not the sole creator—of the social circuit I explore. Through my projects, I design systems for sharing and communicating that explore the transformation from fact‐based orientation to imagination. This parallels my own transformation as an artist working in the East and the West as well as my move from traditional to new media. Furthermore, it demonstrates a transmodal transformation, where the state of being and becoming meet, that I argue is inherent in new media.