2016 Season I


Artist Statement

My work involves dealing with the statut and the role of images. My goal is to question the authenticity of the images so that’s why I use different medias and processes. For instance, I associate or superimpose paintings, drawings, videos, objects, so, my installations are made from leaps and bounds. Initially, for starting points I use different documents like printed images, photographs, extracts from movies that I transform by several plastic operations. My work is influenced by the beginning of the caricature, the comics, and the Japanese movies, Lessing and the theatricality of the work of Fahlström.


In my opinion, drawings are an open form. Their materiality and scale can change according to the context. I'm drawing by "layers" at different times. The immediacy of a drawing challenges or questions by gesture and deferred temporality. In fact the drawings are often scanned, digitally retouched and reworked by hand. Consequently, it is difficult to distinguish between the original and the reproduction. In my recent drawings I try to crystallize the movement between figure and abstraction.