2012 Season I


Artist Statement

I am a storyteller, and photography is my favorite language. Each of my pictures is a contemporary little tale about human beings, their minds, surrealism, and reality. Fiction has always played an important role in my life, I believe that imagination is not the opposite of reality, but in fact they can't exist without each other.

I am interested in photography because of its narrative capacity, that the image is frozen in time, and there is no before or after told. I love the reconstructing capacity of photography that by transforming elements from the existing world it shows us a parallel universe, and leads back to something faithful at the same time.

I majored in experimental photography, where I came across a perspective of photography that greatly appealed to my appreciation of fiction: the narrative being concentrated into one single frame.

I believe, that my determination and passion for art combined with photography's growing critical and creative possibilities, help me raise more questions about our importance in existence, society, or mass culture.